OUR VISION: To Build An Arab Mobile Internet Empire.


Fujian Wangle Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 and has received the capital investment of Softbank (China). It is an Arab Intelligent Content Distribution Platform. The company focuses on the self-developed Arab AI recommendation engine to enhance the user experience and deepen the localized operation. At present, we are committed to creating high-quality apps in content platforms, e-commerce, chat software, games and other aspects.

The company is headquartered in Fuzhou, and has branches in Bahrain, Dubai, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other places. We have an in-depth localized operation team and a leading R&D team with advanced technology. Most of the members come from 91 Wireless, Baidu, etc., and have developed and operated several apps with over 100 million users. With more than 10 years of experience in the operation of the Middle East Internet products, we are more familiar with the Middle East market. Today we have reached the strategic cooperation agreements with many Arab countries. We’ll continue to grow and develop with the support of the China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative.


Powered by self-developed AI recommendation engine for Arabs

Massive content library, including graphics, pictures, video, novels, jokes, etc. By analyzing the features of content, users and users’ interaction with content, the AI recommendation engine generates a tailored feed list of content for each user.
Fala has the same recommendation system, which recommends the video clips to users in a more intuitive way. The video clips are from around the world, mainly focus on entertainment genres, such as funny, amusing, dancing, sports etc.
A group voice chat room App, users can chat with friends, play games, give gifts, etc. With the mysterious style of the Middle East, the faceless interaction definitely provokes intense curiosity.
Arab Cash on delivery (COD) E-commerce Platform. The categories cover electronics, home, luggage, accessories, cars, toys, beauty products, fashion and more. The platform help users to explore good things by track individual behavior intelligently.
Nelab is an app that contains tons of interesting mini games, supports multiplayer online PK, and cross-region barrier-free connection. At the same time, it has rich functions, such as AR enhancement and real-time voice chat.


Gaming Agent

Under the prosperity of the global casual game market, the broad prospects of overseas markets have brought new hope to the domestic developer team. But if you want to stand out in global market, in addition to 'appearing on the app store', there are more tricks. Wangle Technology Co., Ltd. has been deeply rooted in the Middle East for many years and has rich experience in language, culture, traffic and promotion. The exclusive game distribution in the Middle East, a variety of game types, innovative gameplay, and exquisite graphics are all possible opportunities for us to cooperate. Tel:86+18950430510 Email:linxin@thewondernews.com


The e-commerce in the Middle East is a Blue Ocean market, with high per capita income, high customer unit price, strong user stickiness, small competition and quick order. Our e-commerce platform provides more traffic support, one-on-one guidance, and full-service Arab Customer Service tracking. The system automatically distributes goods without uploading goods, which is extremely efficient. The entry requirement is that the merchant enters the platform must be a supplier, without any resident expenses, sales commission and operation promotion expenses, the enterprise only needs to provide relevant materials and import/export qualifications. Tel:973+3958 1189 Email:bd@thewondernews.com


The mobile Internet in the Arab countries is in the growth stage, and the growth rate of Internet users ranks first in the world. The demand for various types of mobile phone applications is huge.

Meanwhile, 6 countries of Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC)are developed economically, where people with high consumption now have 2 smartphones averagely. In addition, 4G cellular and Wi-Fi make mobile applications grow faster.


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